Please take a moment to see what some of my satisfied clients have to say about my work:

Lindy Low

“I used Michele’s services for a family gathering which we held on location. It might not sound big but take into consideration that we were around sixty people with a lot of children of ages between one-year and thirteen.Michele came right on time when I booked, got everybody relaxed and had a fantastic way with the children and they all took to her. Our photos came out beautiful and I can recommend her to anyone! “

Susan Blunt

“I have attended many weddings and usually found that the photographers are always in the way and seemingly everywhere and forever snapping at something. When I went to my niece’s wedding a year ago I barely noticed the photographer, yet when I saw the wedding pictures of all the special moments captured and even of myself while I never even noticed I knew that this is the photographer I would use for my own wedding too. My wedding six weeks ago was obviously the biggest day of my life and when I hired Michele from photo talent online I knew I did the right thing. She did not bother any of my guests yet everybody has been captured naturally with no stiff and unnatural poses. I love her work and when I want another shoot, hopefully when we start our own family she will be the one I use again! You are a gem and I wish you all the luck and many shoots to come!”

Ado Production

“It was my first experience with a professional photographer and I always took my own pictures, however I wanted professional portraits taken and am somewhat camera-shy. She med me feel comfortable and relaxed from the onset, was very friendly and with her experience she guided me all the way on my poses. Each photo came out very well and I can actually say I look great and I got them fast too. Good luck to you Michele.”

Andy Laurens,

owner at tiptopfurniture.com

Waiting for pictures after a photo shoot has never been my strong point, however I receive my photos ready for my product portfolio in a very fast turnaround. The editing and compilation were quick and I have nothing but praise for her professionalism and fast work! www.guvenlebahisoyna.com CEO  also called me personally to thank about the quality of the work they have provides”

Christine Gibson

“I will recommend using her anytime to anyone who wants to listen and even those who do not want to listen! Neither my boyfriend nor I are what you could call an oil painting, yet I look like a princess and my boyfriend a real charmer too. If our couples shoot went so well I simply cannot wait to see what my engagement and wedding photos would look like. Hopefully in the near future!”

Tomas Barros,

CEO at westmin.eu

Using her professional expertise for our product launch was one of our best decisions. Our product looks amazing thanks Michele, even better than imagined and true to its appearance. You cannot see the difference between the actual product and its image. Well done!”

Alicias Cake and Catering

I love Michele’s work so much that I cannot wait to mention her anywhere I get. Not a single person does not absolutely love my wedding pictures and cannot stop commenting on the utter beauty of each shot taken beautifully. She did two shoots for me already, one of my bridal shower capturing all our funny and special moments of all my girlfriends wherever and whatever we did on that crazy day. The second was my wedding day and each picture remind me more and more why I married my hubby and also why there is only one photographer I would use the day I am blessed with a baby and a family. Great working with you, girl!”

Benjamin Franklin,

CEO of franklinenterprises.com

“We used phototalentonline after a competitor showed us their corporate photographs and we knew that this is the type of talent our launch for our new product would benefit from. Each one of the pictures Michele took at the event showcased our company brilliantly and our products have detail like I did not expect. Thank you for your great service and true professionalism, I will certainly use your professionalism again in the future and maybe next time our Christmas party?”

Buffalo Jump Wines

“I had the extreme pleasure of witnessing Michele few times after one of my friends booked her for family shoots and portraits. After word got out about her fantastic manner with kids and the excellent shots she take of families in natural surroundings she has been the only one that all of us use. I booked her myself a few weeks back and I have never seen myself or my family looking this awesome. Great work Michele and I will continue to spread the word as would my friends.”


events manager of casinouzmani

“We used phototalentonline for two of our events. After booking Michele a year ago to capture a location event and noticed her professional expertise in handling every shot without ever intruding we knew that she could capture anything demanding.  Our recent event was equally demanding and nobody even noticed that she captured every valuable company moment professionally. Every single shot we wanted her to shoot as well as some completely random pictures that I otherwise never would have noticed are now part of our company portfolio. Highly recommend her services and as casinouzmani77.com will definitely use her again in the future.”